August 11, 2011

What’s education got to do with it?

Filed under: Education — Ellie Franklin @ 9:18 pm

I don’t know if this is ever going to be a possible, but I would quite like to see some sort of breakdown of educational background of the London rioters crowd.

I am guessing there aren’t many first class honours degree holders among them.

Nor many prospective university entrants with unconditional offers at this stage.

As reported by The Economist  only one WH Smith store and not a single other book shop was affected by the meyhem of last week. Books and the prospect of education? Not bovvered, in it?

The university where I teach chose to issue a communication to staff that the campus will close and all premises will lock up at 5pm this week. We weren’t of course safeguarding the knowledge from being stolen. Or the opportunities.

In fact, the university where I teach prides itself on widening participation. On giving a chance to those underprivileged in many respects, who have been turned down by the “higher” education society.

So I just really want to know that if that made a difference.

If it didn’t – that would be a real shame. So much so that I would question the right of convicted yobs to continue with the privilege that is education.

And if it did – what are we going to do about funding more, not less education.

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