August 4, 2011

Why this? Why now? or “Are you as good a teacher as you think”?

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I thought I was “shit hot” at what I do. Of course there are moments of “rusty” which I am ever-so-painfully aware of, but largely – it’s “pure gold” or getting there.

And then I come across this treasure of an article (by Paul Price, link above), a real gem, and yes – I did find it amusing as well as awakening to discover that I am absolutely within the 94% who are better than the average. Which has also, ironically, given me the confidence to proceed with this blog.

Because I believe I am also in the 6% (and that can’t possibly be an exaggeration) who really care. The 6% with fixation on education.

So I am looking for some sort of connection with that niche; I am looking for an outlet for the ideas and thoughts that are keeping me awake at 23:18. You don’t have agree with everything. What matters more is that we share the fixation. And the resources. And that we are looking to position ourselves to become the amazingly good teachers that we once thought we were.



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